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ultra lights

An aeronautical vehicle, operated for sport or recreational purposes, that does not require FAA registration, an airworthiness certificate, or pilot certification. Primarily single-occupant vehicles, although some two-place vehicle are authorized for training purposes. Operation of an ultralight vehicle in certain airspaces requires authorisation from ATC


An ultralight trike is a type of powered hang glider using a high performance Rogallo wing coupled to a propeller-powered three-wheeled undercarriage. Control is via weight-shift and these trikes are available in both single and two place. 

beginner, student or pilot all are welcome

We've been around since 1983 ... and still flying!

airplane single engine land

After obtaining an aviation medical/student certificate, completing the minimum period of flight training, passing the FAA written test and having a successful check ride a private pilot licence is then issued. The Airplane Single Engine Land category enables you to fly any single engine, fixed gear airplane with less than 200 HP under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) day or night.


Special FAA certification class (LSA) is for an aircraft other than a helicopter or powered-lift—single-engine aircraft, airship, balloon, GLIDER, GYROCOPTER, ROTORCRAFT, weight-shift-control aircraft. While limiting the types of aircraft that could be flown by a Sport Pilot, it simplifies the requirements for a obtaining a pilot license and does not require a medical examination. 

This website has been created for the benefit of every pilot, mechanic, aviation enthusiast or traveller interested in grass root flying at it's best! and will enable the visitor to obtain information about the airport, view images and keep updated about events happening at the field.

Cushing Field really started when the owner, ex-TWA Captain 'Bud' Cushing opened the flying school back in 1983. During his career, Bud -a  50 year AOPA member- flew DC3, Martin 202/4, all models of the Constellation, Douglas DC9, Convair 880, Boeing T07, Lockheed 1011 and Boeing 747. In addition, he has been a flight instructor for 49 years!

Since opening, the field has welcomed hundreds of pilots and adventurers from across the globe. At first, only general aviation single and multiengine aircraft were available, but now these have been joined by light sport, ultra lights and trikes, making flying even more fun and affordable! 

The field is a private, public access airport, where introductory flights, flight training and aircraft sales are carried out and where general aviation pilots, flying enthusiasts and members of the public are made to feel welcome. We are a small rural operation that works & has fun! so please stop by and look around.

But, perhaps your new to flying? If so, you can obtain information and advice on all aspects of the general aviation and sports pilot scene, including all the flying, licensing and certification requirements.

Most weekends that are warm and dry feature a Fly-In, with free burgers attracting all manner of aircraft that wander in and out during the day.

Cushing Field also hosts aircraft en-route to the annual Wisconcin Air Venture Show at Oshkosh (which lies 147.91nm north).